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SPLTRAK Abstract Submission
Algorithms to Effectively Quantize Scenarios for PV Impact Analysis using QSTS Simulation
Jeremiah Deboever1, Santiago Grijalva1, Matthew Reno2, Robert Broderick2
1Georiga Institute of Technolgy, Atlanta, GA, United States
/2Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, NM, United States

Quasi-static time-series (QSTS) simulation provides an accurate method to determine the impact new PV interconnections or control strategies would have on a distribution feeder. However, its computational time currently makes it impractical for use by the industry. A vector quantization approach [1-2] leverages similarities in power flow solutions to avoid re-computing identical power flows. While previous work improved the simulation speed, multiple simulations were required to verify the accuracy of the results. This paper proposes a novel circuit-specific quantization algorithm to optimize their speed and accuracy. This sensitivity-based method determines a reasonable quantization strategy prior to running the quantized QSTS simulation. 

Area: Sub-Area 10.1: Grid Integration, High-penetration PV and Energy Storage