Technical Program

Plenary Speakers

Area 1: Dr. Kylie Catchpole (ANU, Australia)

High Efficiency Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Area 2: Dr. Atiye Bayman (Miasole, USA)

Has Time come for CIGS Thin Film Solar?

Area 3: Dr. Aaron Ptak (NREL, USA)

Bringing III-V Photovoltaics Down to Earth with Dynamic-Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy

Area 4: Dr. Qi Wang (Jinko Solar, China)

Manufacturing Crystalline Silicon PERC Solar Cells

Area 5: Dr. Ron Sinton (Sinton Inc., USA)

Challenges and Opportunities in Cell and Module I-V Testing

Area 6: Prof. Anders Hagfeldt (EPFL, Switzerland)

An Introduction to the Unique Success Story of Perovskite Solar Cells

Area 7: Dr. Paul Sharps (SolAero Technologies, USA)

Current Challenges In Space Photovoltaic Power Generation

Area 8: Dr. Anthony Burrell (NREL, USA)

Electrochemical Energy Storage: Challenges and Options

Area 9: Dr. Alison Wenham (UNSW, Australia)

Hydrogen Induced Degradation: Professor Wenham's Perspective

Area 10: Dr. Sven Teske (UTS University Sydney, Australia).

The Role of Solar Photovoltaic in Decarbonisation Scenarios: Estimated Market Size by Region and Possible Impact on Power Grids

Technical Program

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